Аренда авто в Кении и Танзании для самостоятельного путешествия по паркам.

Есть ли смысл ездить по паркам самому? Местные всё таки знают куда ехать и что показывать. С другой стороны можно пристроиться за кем-нибудь и следовать вместе. Сколько стоит аренда авто? Реально ли взять машину в Кении, а оставить в Танзании? Какой оптимальный маршрут из Найроби через Серенгети и Тарангире в Дар Эс Салам?
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Forget it. It`s almost absolutely unreal. I think other local guys will not be happy to have such a `tail` as you. This`s first. Second, you are to pay park fees etc as well, but they are moreless 50% of safari cost, so the final cost to you including car rental will be approx. the same as a buying safari tour. And this is if it`s allowed to visit national park without a local guide, i`m also not sure that it`s possible. Third, it`s a little entertainment to drive a local car on a local roads, believe me, as I used to drive a car on Zanzibar Island.

As about that thing to pick up a car in Kenya and drop off in Tanzania I think it`s absolutely impossible.

Dar-es-Salaam has nothing to see, also.

By the way, I saw a car rental companies in Arusha, Zanzibar and Dar-es-Salaam as well.

P.S. There`s a right-sided traffic in Tanzania

P.P.S. Sorry for english language, I`s typed this message on my way back from Tanzania while I didn`t have russsian keyboard yet )
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