Интересует стоимость гостиницы The T Hotel в Гонконге. Даты 14апр-21апр. 2взр+1реб

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Dear Trip Advisor community

Thank you for your interest in our training hotel. It is correct that we are not affiliated with any reservation booking company, so reservations need to be forwarded to us directly for answering. This will also assist the training nature of our hotel.

Regarding our location: We are about 15 - 20 min from central by taxi and have a free shuttle bus to Admiralty via Central at 8:30 and 10am on weekdays.

You can read a hotel review and see the hotel pictures at the following site:


For reservations or rate enquires please contact the trainee managed hotel reservations office on:

tel: (+852) 371 77 388

fax: (+852) 371 77 377

email: res-thotel@vtc.edu.hk

Scott Rutledge

Manager - Hotel Operations and Training

e - srutled@vtc.edu.hk
Зайди на Booking - там все реально. И забронируешь сразу.
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