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Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland as you know. But this city consists of several towns and all of them together are called capital area. But don't be scared, even together they are smaller than half of Moscow. It takes around hour and a half to walk through it =)

Icelanders love to decorate their streets and houses, that's why you can find at any free space some monument, and almost all big buildings are decorated with something)
Almost all famous places are in the very center of Reykjavik near the ocean. I think you could hear about them - it is City Hall (useless place indeed, but beautiful), Halldrimskirkja Church (Reykjavik's main landmark), Hofdi House (shame on me but i didn't visit it), The Voyager monument (the most famous monument) and The Pearlan (good place for taking panoramic photos). I don't want to talk about all of this because you can read it here.
Oh, very interesting place to go is Art Museum. It is very very strange place where you understand that you just can't understand icelandic art. But it definitely worth visiting (especially because it is for free).

Food, well food in Iceland is quite expensive, but very healthy and good. If you need cheap food you can go to Bonus supermarket, but i didn't enjoy it. What you have to taste in iceland is it's hotdogs. You can not believe me but hotdogs here are the best hotdogs in the world. Just go to the any fatsfood store and ask hotdog with everything. You won't regret about it. What else.... Oh, i want to share with you information about one great mexican cafe! It's called Santa Maria, and it is on the Laugavegur Street. It is hard to find, but do it, food there is amazing. Also the owner of this place collects money from different countries)
Nightlife is great there, it's useless to talk about it because you have to try it.
About transport. It is quite expensive and hard to understand. There are a lot of timetables and stations are too hard to pronounce right. That's why i definitely recommend to use hitch hiking in iceland: it is for free, it is totally safe and you have a chance to meet interesting people.
Just go to Reykjavik!
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