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The Small Southern Railway is one of the most favorite places of young citizens of Kharkov. Usually it starts it’s work on the 1 May and works till the end of October.
Children Small Southern Railway is not only entertaining children and their parents but also serves as a center of education, where future railway workers are brought up. Here school boys and girls have a possibility to learn main railway professions such as conductor, engine-driver's mate, assistant station-master, yard-master and machinist.
This one of the best children railways was opened in 1940 and till now makes its visitors rejoice. The general length of the rails is 3.6 km, there are two stops “Park” and “Lesopark”.
The territory of Children Small Southern Railway is well-equipped, full of flowers and greenery. Thousands of Kharkov citizens and guests of the city visit this fairy-tale place every year.Last year (in 2009) this place got also its religious touch - the church made a cross next to the spring. So now people sign themselves before going to the cold water as if it was a religious ritual. We won't be surprised if they start selling candles and icons here: business is business.
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