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The Spring is located between Shatilovka and Pavlovo Pole not far from metro station “Botanichniy Sad”. It is the best mineral water spring inKharkov which gives around 350000 liters of water in a day. You can get to the spring either from metro "Botanichniy sad" or by taking "an egg" at Gorkiy Park
From north and east, the spring is surrounded by the new university botanical garden. The spring is the hydrological monument of a nature. In summer it becomes a quite crowded place: some people swim in ice-cold water, the other rest and take water. We've done both - swim in ice-cold water which is 9 all year around, and taking water :)
In 1960 upon a spring was build a concrete pavilion of original form. In 1990s there was even a small plant which was bottling water from the spring. Now it is a very good green spot in the city where you can not only rest, but also strengthen your health (and soul since 2009).
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