The symbol of Kharkov

The fountain “Zerkal’naya Struya” (The Mirror Stream) is one of the most outstanding architectural construction in Kharkov and is under protection of UNESCO. It is located on Sumskaya street in front of the Opera House and is considered as the one of the symbols of Kharkov.
This fountain was constructed in 1947 in honor of the victory of soviet people in the Great Patriotic war. Now it is surrounded by small picturesque public garden, there is a pavilion from under which a mirror stream is flowing. In front of the fountain there is a beautiful ground with a flower bed, and behind it you will find romantic pond of irregular shape.
The Mirror Stream is one of the most favorite places of the kharkovians to meet and rest, and on Fridays and Saturdays this is where newlyweds HAVE to come and take their pictures. They wait in line, one couple at the time... May it rain or be dreadfully hot outside..
As far of sightseeing, this one is really entertaining. get yourself a sandwich, sit on a bench and do some people watching for the rest of the day. You won't be disappointed.
Украина: Харьков   
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