The population of the Kharkiv.

Population: 2,910,000. The largest city, the capital of the oblast – Kharkiv (1,470,000) – is the second-largest city in Ukraine, the seventeenth-largest city in Europe. Other major cities include Lozova (63 000), Kupyansk, Izyum (56 000).
Ethnic divisions
Ukrainians account for 62.8 per cent (1,880,000), Russians account for 33.2 per cent (990,000), other ethnic groups make up 4 per cent (120,000).
Pre-school education: 758 children pre-school establishments.
Secondary and special secondary education: 989 secondary schools, 53 professional-technical educational establishments.
Higher education: 69 state higher educational establishments (HEE), 12 non-state HEEs.
The education system of the region completely satisfies the latter's needs for engineering-technical, teaching, and medical specialists, lawyers and cultural workers; moreover, it trains a significant number of specialists for other regions of Ukraine.
Украина: Харьков   
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