The history of the Kharkiv.

The Kharkiv Oblast constitutes the main part of a historical, cultural, and geographical region Slobidska Ukraine that consisted also of the territories of a number of the today's regions of Ukraine and Russia.
Mass settling of the territory by Ukrainian Cossaks (cavalrymen), peasants, and migrants from Russia began in the seventeenth century. The name of their settlements – sloboda – gave the name to all the territory – Slobozhanshchyna.
In 1765, Slobozhanshchyna was formed up as an administrative-territorial unit – Slobodsko-Ukrainian Province with Kharkiv being its capital.
The geographical position of the territory promoted a rapid growth of its intermediary activities in the trade between regions of East and Central Europe, Prychornomoria (regions near Black Sea), Caucasus, and the centre of Russia. Kharkiv fairs with their worth millions turnovers provided priority position of the territory in this region.
By the beginning of the twentieth century, under conditions of democratic transformations in the Russian Empire, the Kharkiv region became one of the largest economic and cultural centres of Ukraine, a major transport junction, centre of mechanical engineering, iron industry, banking, higher education, and science.
In 1919-34, Kharkiv was the capital of the Ukraine. During this period of time it established itself as the largest industrial, cultural, and scientific centre.
Under new conditions of updating economic, social, and cultural life the Kharkiv Oblast tries to conserve its unique potential, to acquire a new merit of its regional identity while taking account of both historical traditions and global trends in the world.
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Kharkiv is the first capital of Ukraine.
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